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I logged in my account throught   and tried one more time to withdraw money from Recyclix account.

TRYING TO WITHDRAW FROM Recyclix 2017 05 07

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Question #1 : Can I withdraw the investment when I want, or exists rule about this?

For taking all investments you need to wait at least 5 weeks. Taking all your investment off you will get 81% of your invested amount. For example, if you invested €1000, and would like to take your money back, you will get €810, plus what you have earned.

Question #2 : Can I lose my money in this business? How is the risk? withdrawal-history-recyclix

I do not see a risk to lose money in this company. I had not a single problem withdrawing from Recyclix for all time. My friends are pleased with this system and profits every month. My mother invested into this company also, because of her small pension.

But you also have to read Recyclix News (date 2016 11 23) to see what they are planning in future.

Question #3 : Can you tell me about your investment experience? How much money do you invest, profit, etc.?

In this website I write about my experience with this company. Every month I update what I’ve earned and put it into this website.

Till now I have invested – € 3303.80revenue-after-5-weeks-and-year-recyclix

Total income – € 3913.65

Total withdrawal – € 3338.70

Revenue after 5 weeks €372,40

Revenue after 1 year €3724,00      


Question #4 : Is it ok to invest all your money here?

Invest your money wisely. I would invest into Recyclix because of guaranteed and steady revenue. This is the only company of thousands internet business I have chosen.

Create MULTIPLE streams of income.

Question #5 : I read your testimonial, very informative.  So how many “units” do you have and how many “specific units” do you have of each of the following: Forklift , Sorting, Shredder, Washing, Granulator?

Till now I have purchased equipment units for 750. Buying equipment units you increase your waste quota, because you get 14% from purchased waste. Investing into Recyclix equipment also we help company to expand and develop, so we earn from

My investments:

Forklift – 200 of 200

Sorting – 55 of 250

Shredder – 0 of 250

Washing  – 0 of 250

Granulator – 0 of 500

Question #6 : What is the profit when investing 60.000 euros? I know there is a calculator on their website, but I would prefer to hear from you how it works.

Revenue after 5 weeks €11314.88 (investing 60,000 euros)

Revenue after 1 year €113148.84 (investing 60,000 euros)

Investing €60,000 you will get amount almost doubled your investment after 1 year, because you sell granules for big price.


Question #7 : Do you know the breakdown of how much of each unit I would need in order to earn 5000 a month?

To earn 5000 you need to invest € 36628.00 at all. Look into screenshot of my calculation below:


Question #8 : If I invested 36628.00 euros, how much would go to units and how much would go to waste?

Investing 36,628 you reach 41,68of Selling Share. After 5 week you get 5000.

The amount invested into units would be 20,250.

The amount invested into waste would be 16328.


Forklift – 200 units of 200  (200) – (10,000 kg waste, 2000)=2200eu

Sorting – 250 units of 250  (2500) – (15,000 kg waste,  3000)=5500eu

Shredder – 250 units of 250 (6250) – (25,000 kg waste, 5000)=11250eu

Washing – 226 units of 250  (11300) – (31,640 kg waste,  6328)=17628eu

Granulator – 0 of 500

In any way, I would invest in parts. For example, 6 times 6000 euros, so the revenue coming into account would be more constant and steady in given 5 weeks period.

Question #9 : So after I “sell” doesn’t that mean that I can no longer profit off of that particular “waste” because it will be gone (sold)?

When you take “Sell granules” plan it works like in real plastic waste recycling factory, because it is based on real waste recycling. When you sell granules after full cycle – 5 weeks- your waste are gone, because they became granules and you sold them. So price 0,2 euros/kg of waste became 0,6 euros/kg worth. Your invested 1000 euros becomes 3000 euros worth. So if you have reached your revenue share, for example 50 %, after selling granules you will get 1500 euros from your 1000 euros. After selling granules we have to buy another amount of waste to make it granules again. We do not lose our waste quota, because we invested in units. It is my view how I see it, selling granules did not become my experience yet.

Question #10 : How the whole process is done, what is a difference investing large amount and investing small amount of money (for example like me, 300 euros). Do you have any friend who invested similar amount of money? 

An answer to this question you’ll find in my post “A Difference Between Small And Large Investments Into Recyclix Company”.


If you would like to join company and try how it works, you can register here. (For registering you can use my ID: 2236-65D6-D96D).

See How To Use Recyclix-Step by Step Guide (PDF, 16 pages)


A Difference Between Small And Large Investments Into Recyclix Company

Safe with Money Spilling Out cut out on white backgroundI would like to show you a difference between small and large investments into waste recycling. Small amounts of investments works slow and has less power to get revenue.
Investing small amounts (like 300 euros) your progress will be slow, but with small investments you can reinvest your profits and grow your business. People do not like to wait for long time, they need money today, so it is an inconvenience to wait for their profits (dividends). With small amounts you win only if you invest for a long period and if you look much further. I know people are investing money, and hurries to take their money back as quickly as possible because of a fear. I believe in what I’m doing, I studied this company, so I’m investing amounts I can afford. recyclix-granules-in-two-handsTill now I’ve invested €3333.80. The thing is – when you invest a small amounts of money, you only can use Take Profit revenue plan, that is 14% every 5th week, because your Selling Share is 25.00% by default. When you invest a large amount of money (like 60.000 Euros) you are able to use Sell revenue plan. So you will get your money for selling granules, because your Selling Share will be about 50.00%. That is the main difference between small and large amounts you invest.

Is It Possible To Earn With Small Investments?

Example 1

Let’s look at the table in the right. As you can see my total investment is €3333.80 (blue Safe with Money Spilling Out cut out on white backgroundbackground), and I earn €3617.32 in one year. Additional Top-up is an amount you would like to invest more. In this example, if I invest €1500 more (you can try to change this amount and see what results would be in green background), I’ll have €4833.80 total invested, and the revenue I would get is €4807.04 in one year (green background). Revenue after 5 weeks would be €480.70. That is good results for me. But as you can see your invested amount of money will come back to you after about 1 year, and second year you will earn, because the amount you withdraw will be larger than your invested amount. As you can see in the table my Revenue Plan is Take profit, because Selling Share is too small (25.55%) to sell granules for better revenue. So investing small amounts means you have to wait a long time, maybe 1 or 3 years, to earn your dividends. 1 Year consist of ten 5 cycles.

If you look closely in the table and calculate accurately you will see that 14% of my invested €3333.80 is €466.73 after 5 weeks, but the amount we see in the right box is €361.73. That is because the revenue of 14% comes only from purchased waste quota, not from purchased equipment units. My investment into equipment units is €750, so 3333.80-750=2583.8 Euro, and exactly 14% of this amount will be 361.73 every 5th week (as we see in the box).


I see possibility investing small amounts of money, it depends what is your goals. I reached my goal – to cover bank loan. I withdraw money often, and sometimes I reinvest revenue into equipment to grow my waste quota.

Empty glass can be fulfilled by small water drops. The most important thing – the glass must be without holes in a bottom.

Large Investments

According Recyclix company policy, if you want to recycle large amounts of waste, you will be provided new opportunities to generate even more profits by purchasing shares in recycling equipment.

Example 2

Now, let’s look what a changing power would be if my total investment today were €60.000. Safe with Money Spilling Out cut out on white backgroundThis amount includes purchased equipment, which is €39350. Funds spent on purchase of the production facilities are non-refundable since they give you unlimited benefits for receiving higher profits. So Revenue Plan would become Sell, that means you get better profits from selling granules. In this example you would get 49.66% after selling granules. Remember, plastic waste purchased for €0.20/kg turns into plastic granules, worth €0.60/kg. So, after selling granules I would get  €11314.88 (eleven thousand three hundred fourteen euros) after 5 weeks, and you would have €113148.84 (one hundred thirteen thousand one hundred forty eight euros) after 1 year. So that means that you almost doubled your investment in 1 year period. How powerful it is.

That is how big amounts of money changes revenue, and it is a big difference between small and large investments.

If you have your account already you can write down amount in “Additional Top-up” line, by clicking here, and see what results would you get. If you would like to join company and try how it works, you can register here. (For registering you can use my ID: 2236-65D6-D96D).

See How To Use Recyclix-Step by Step Guide (PDF, 16 pages)

Share your experience in the comments, or you can write me personally –

1 Year With Recyclix

This first year I was trying to invest in this company as more money as I can afford. Till now I have invested €2420, took out €1360, total earnings €1717.46. In the table you can see my earnings revenue after 5 weeks is €296.80, after one year is €2968, ROI – 122.64%. Return on investment (ROI) is the ROI_return on investment_Recyclixbenefit to an investor resulting from an investment of some resource. Because ROI is measured as a percentage, it can be easily compared with returns from other investments, allowing one to measure a variety of types of investments against one another. First you have to register, and if you are registered already, to see one year earnings and ROI,  type in your browser or press arrow in the right upper corner and press “Calc”. It is all done for investor in Recyclix, even calculator. My Revenue Plan is set up to take profit, because it is no sense to sell granules if you don’t have your revenue share increased at least 33%. When a person joins program, by default his revenue share is 25%.

Recyclix company is real. I have read a lot of articles and opinions about this company, people don’t believe in such opportunity. Some people write –  “probably it is a scam”, “probably it’s ponzi scheme”. They show some pictures from the company’s website and decides – it is a ponzi pyramid. My pictures of payment histories shows how it’s working for me. Nothing to cover, it is a good possibility to activate your money, because invested money in right place is ACTIVE money, not passive. You can see payments history, withdrawal history in menu “Inspiration”. You can see photos of company units in menu “News”, also in this menu you’ll find information about new waste recycling factories.

Green plastic bottle recycling with RecyclixLong time investing is not like you put money in some kind of business and after one month you take all money out and go away. Also Recyclix is not a company that works involving more people to pay commissions to other older members. It is not possible to earn, or to build your steady online income only if you use 20 € bonus, because there is no company in the world that would want to give money for nothing, and there is no companies that would want to go down with their business. So, this bonus is given just for joining is to show how all the things works. If a man invest no money at all, he isn’t worth his dividends. I got a message from Recyclix that all not active members will be deemed after 60 days.

Recycling creates jobs, saves water, saves energy, saves money. I think plastic waste recycling will last as long as people will make and buy products of plastic, such as plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic dishes and more others.  Every day people buy water in plastic bottles, because it is much easier than a glass bottle, it is easy to use.

Also I invested to company’s equipment units 300€. Forklift cost 20.000 €, so my inInvesting in Recyclix Unitsvested amount is just 1% of all the forklift price. We will need 100 active investors to buy one forklift. Investing money to forklift only increasing waste quota, so I increased my waste quota 5000 kg more. Now I have bought 10.6 tones of plastic waste at all. So now if I do nothing, after 5 weeks I will see 296 € iForklift 200Eu Recyclix unit sharen my account, after 1 year I will have 2968 €. Next unit, that could increase your waste quota and increase your revenue share is sorting line. If you’ll invest 2500€ into sorting line, you will increase your waste quota up to 15000 kg more, and your revenue share will increases by 2,5%. But investing to equipment units you need to feel as a part of company, as a shareholder.

For those who already invested in Recyclix company, I want to show how you can let your earnings and waste recycling circulate without your participation. You can go to „Edit profile“ and turn on „Restart automatically and take profit“, then press „Save“, so the cycle will restart automatically after the cycle ends. One cycle takes five weeks. For example, if I login into my account after six months, I will see about 1424 € amount.

Restart automatically button in Recyclix

I have 6 active partners and received 292.32 € commissions. Total number of partners do not have sense, because it is important only active members. I joined this company not for commissions, I want to understand how investments works, and learn some lessons how to make money work for you. I have reached my goal – to get amount every month, so I could cover my Bank loan. Investing to waste recycling is just one of the income stream, but I concentrating my minds to create more income streams on the internet from the others niches. What I like in Recyclix – there are no fees for withdrawals to my bank account, so that is a good sign for company. Also good sign – company can make transaction straight to your bank, that means that it is not scam, and banks certify company as legal. As I have experience with other companies, which do not have possibilities to make transactions straight to your bank or even to Paypal, but uses third parties money gates, so there are a lot of fees and money transfers takes much more time.

One year Period Total Recyclix

Facts about plastic

  • Plastics were first invented in 1860, but have only been widely used in the last 30 years.
  • Plastics are made up of long chain molecules called polymers. These polymers can then be made into granules.
  • Plastic does not disintegrate in natural way about 500 years.
  • Recycling a single plastic bottle can conserve enough energy to light a 60 W bulb for up to 6 hours.



Building Income With Recyclix

Till now I have invested 1490 € in Recyclix company buying waste, and got 534€ real plastic bottle-Recycled-Recyclixprofit of my investment already. Every 5 weeks I get 14 % of investment, so now every fifth week I‘ll get 207 € (including bonus 20€ and reinvestment 69€ from withdrawal balance). If I do nothing, and let waste recycling all the time and will not reinvest money, so after 1 year I will have 1160€ real profit in my account balance. My goal is to get 300€ income every month (4 weeks), so I could cover my Bank loan.

I have an assurance for myself– if you want to GET, first you have to GIVE. There is nothing special, because universe laws is working depending on person decisions. What I like in Recyclix, that you, as investor, are cleaning environment from a plastic trash, so it is meaningful. If a man want to earn money for nothing on the internet he will be disappointed in fast future, because nobody want to pay away money for nothing, there must be a significant and value. Every company has to have good intention, so that is why I like Recyclix. I see no fraud,  they have a clear vision in their company. In a picture below you can see payment history of what I had invested-more waste you buy, more profit you get. In the picture below you can see 40€ and 30€ profits from 500€, because after 3 weeks you get 6%, and after 2 weeks you get 8% of investment. That is what I was looking in the internet – to get steady online income.

payment history_Recyclix

            When I reached a 5000 kg quota of waste, I invested 100€ to equipment units and bought a share of forklift. I will invest 100€ in forklift more, so it increases my waste quota, so I can buy more waste, and get more profit every month. Forklifts are an integral part of the workflow of any manufacturing facilities that are used for transporting the raw material and finished goods within the factory premises. And though forklift equipment doesn’t increase your revenue share, you can use it for increasing your recycling quota by 25 kg per share. Recyclix uses only environmentally friendly technologies that don’t harm the ecosystem and help restore it. I will stay in Recyclix for a long time, so that‘s why I will invest to equipment units of this company. By purchasing the available shares in the recycling equipment, you can boost your profit from 14% for the entire recycling cycle up to 50% upon sale of granules depending on the amount of shares you purchased.

equipment shares-Recyclix

In the picture below in line „Your earnings“ you can see €221, this is commission from affiliate program, because my 3 active partners invested some money too.The commissions only applies to Active members, meaning those that deposited funds into their accounts. But I see people is afraid of such a program and such investment method, because they don‘t believe it‘s working for real. Every day I see a lot of trash in the internet, and that‘s why people don‘t believe in such business. These three active partners in my affiliate program invested only than I spread a word to them, because I experienced Recyclix for myself first. Commissions are released after 7 days on hold. You can withdraw your earnings to your Paypal account, Bitcoin wallet, or a SEPA bank account. The minimum withdrawal amount is 20€.

your earnings from partners- Recyclix

Look at this fact – consumption of plastics has grown by 20 times during last 50 years, and this fact – only  20% of all plastic in the world is recycled, the rest is still burned. Do you see how plastic recycling is necessary nowadays and will be actual business in future? The biggest advantage of working with Recyclix is almost complete non-involvement from your part and the minimum spending of your time.


Why I Choose Recyclix?

Recyclix online income automated

I want to share with you an experience making active income online. We like to use phrase “passive income”, because you don’t have to work too much, o you don’t have to work at all, but for real it is ACTIVE income, because money you put in any kind of business is working for profit of any company you invested. Your money has value, energy and has your will to expand some kind of business you have chosen.

I don’t believe in such “business” like – “click button and you’ll be rich”, because they don’t have real VALUE. It is an illusion.  So, any business must have a real value – contents, what is inside the company, what is in owners minds. I have seen a lot of sites, some of them want to get your phone number, and if you type your phone number they call to you, doesn’t matter if it is night or day. One man called me and was very kind to get my credit card number. So, this is how the people play their dirty games. But I was looking for not fake company with real value inside. Of course, I was interested what my money will do – does it make the world better, does it improve my life, does it make me a better person? That’s how I found Recyclix, company of plastic recycling. So, if you look the screenshot below, you can see profit I made every single month. It’s not big money, but it is coming to my bank account already, and it’s upon my decision to reinvest income or to withdraw profit.

As you can see in my withdrawal history, wire transaction cost me no fee at all, so I sent the amount of 89.6 € and got exactly the same number in my bank account. That’s cool. It’s easy. I tried my money drop to Paypal account, and they taxed me 3.5% fee, so instead 124.90€ I got 120.53€. Fees is not a problem for me.

withdrawal Recyclix

An individual person must be worth his money and earnings. I want my consciousness to grow, and I care what my money is doing – is it helpful for anybody? So, as you can see Recyclix is paying profit, and what you get is 14% after 5 weeks of your investment, but the main thing is that your money is ACTIVE, not passive, and they create future. You can see a little quadrates in screenshot below, every single quadrate is your money transaction to company. When you join the company they give 20€ for free, so this payment will be one little rectangular in your five weeks line. We can see 6 investments, and there are six quadrates plus one quadrate they gave to me.

First time I sent 100 €, then 500 €, 40€,…and now I have invested 1040 € without their 20€. So, now I will get 145€ after five weeks, and when I’ll buy more 5000 kg of waste, the monthly income will be 280€. They give you 20€ for free, because company wants people to see how it works and to see is it real company. Yes, they want your money, but also company wants to give you 6% after 3 weeks, and 8% profit after 2 weeks of your investment. That’s great when you know – there is no bank in the world that pay you 14% even in one year! So why I have to leave my money in my bank account if they are PASSIVE, not active?Grafik_Recyclix

Look at this information – only 20% of all plastic in the world is recycled, the rest is still burned. Do you see how recycling of plastic is required and will be necessary in future, if we want our environment go green, if we do not want to walk in forest, parks and streets full of plastic rubbish? Consumtion of plastics has grown by 20 time during last 50 years, and look at this – 86% of European plastics is exported to China. So why we should export plastic rubbish somewhere? Let’s recycle it and earn active incomes.

Now, I want to show you fun part – commission. Honestly, I joined the program not for commission, but everybody get 12% commission if someone invest money. A person DO NOT lose this 12%, person lose nothing when he or she invest money, because that 12% pays company, not investor. It’s not a ponzi pyramid. As you can see in the screenshot below I have referred 192 persons, but there are just 2 active investors. When investor joins the program he wants to look around and to see how it works, often individual leaves the program. In line “Your earnings” you see earnings- 120€, that is the commission I got from those 2 investors. The line “Hold” means that amount of 70€ is pending to my Recyclix account, and that’s real money, I can withdraw it, or invest buying more waste to make granules at the end of the cycle. One cycle have 5 weeks. The number of cycles is unlimited.

Referrals and earnings_active partners_Recyclix

Long term business is more stable, I like to grow it. What I like in company is their future plans, they inform you what they’ll do in next years, where the company invest money and how the company is expanding. That is the main thing, because there must be no stagnation in heads of company leaders, money like moving, money loves making value, and value makes money. This is closed circle. We don’t need put our money in wardrobe or in the bible and hold it for years, there is no point.

There are more things to tell about – how to increase profit percentage, how to increase your waste quota (more than 5000 kg), how to promote your link to invite people to join Recyclix. A person must be patience in long term investments. If you want to know more about company  click here to visit the site. If you have any questions you can write me.